iPhone Sell Guide: How to Sell Your iPhone Fast and at a Higher Price

With a good iPhone sell guide, selling a used iPhone becomes easy. If you are a fan of mobile phone technology, you know that it is almost impossible for you to resist the desire to buy a new iPhone once Apple launches it. You want to be one of the first owners of the latest and most innovative iPhone models. This is the feeling that most Apple fans have to deal with whenever September draws closer. Typically, Apple announces the release or launch of its latest iPhone model every September. Before this time, most Apple fans rush to sell their used iPhones so that they can be the first ones to grasp the latest iPhone models upon their release. Our experts provide a guide that should guide you every time you want to sell your used iPhone.

Back up and delete personal information

The first step in the process of selling a used iPhone should always be to back up personal data and erasing it. Your used iPhone is like part of you. As such, it has a lot of information about your life and your loved ones. Such information includes your contacts, pictures, videos and text messages among others. Such information is very sensitive and if it falls in the hands of the wrong persons, it can be used wrongly. Therefore, back up this information so that you can access it once you purchase a new device then erase it.

Evaluate the iPhone condition

Evaluate your iPhone carefully to find out whether it has scratches or other form of damage that can lower its price. Most buyers are attracted to nice-looking iPhones. A buyer might be ready to pay more money for a used iPhone as long as it is in good condition. This is why most buyers prefer buying iPhones that are presented with their photos. This is because photos enable buyers to assess the exact condition of the iPhone. Therefore, evaluate the iPhone that you want to sell before you present it to buyers.

Set the resale price of your iPhone

There are many people selling iPhones out there. The resale price of an iPhone is determined by several factors including the condition of the device, the current price of similar iPhone models in the market and the channel that you opt to use in selling your iPhone. Whether an iPhone is jailbroken or not will also determine its resale value. A good tip is to unlock your iPhone before offering it for sale. Nevertheless, consider all these factors while setting the resale price of your iPhone.

Present your iPhone to prospective buyers properly

Before investing in a used iPhone, most people want to understand its condition. As such, the way you present your iPhone matters. It will determine whether prospective buyers will be interested in your iPhone or not. Therefore, create a good iPhone description including photos. Use a good sales pitch in your description to attract more prospects.

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