How to sell your iPhone 4 faster and at a Higher Price: Tips for selling iPhone 4

Do you want to sell your iPhone 4 so that you can upgrade to the latest iPhone model? Then there are things that you need to do to ensure that you sell your iPhone quickly and at the best price possible. Apple is always releasing new iPhone. Every year, Apple fans are eagerly waiting for the announcement of the release of the latest iPhone version by this company. As such, most Apple fans sell their used iPhones in advance to fetch higher prices. Usually, prices of iPhones start plummeting when Apple makes the announcement to release a new iPhne mode. If you are still holding on to your old iPhone 4, you might want to sell it so that you can upgrade to the latest iPhone.

Sell your iPhone before Apple announces the release or launch date of a new mode

Apple products make the announcement of the expected date of releasing or launching a new iPhone model, the race for selling old iPhone models starts. According to our experts, you will get a better deal on your iPhone 4 if you sell it slightly before Apple makes the announcement for the release date, launch date or actual launch. This means that you will make more money if you sell your used iPhone 4 early. Nevertheless, selling a used iPhone 4 means that you will have to deal with the obvious inconvenience. This is because you are used to having a phone and you might have to go for days without one if you sell your iPhone 4 in advance. However, selling your iPhone early is worth the wait because it enables you to get a best deal on your device.

Back up and delete personal information

Since you want to sell your iPhone 4 at the right time, you might end up getting confused therefore not deleting valuable personal information from the iPhone. This is very risky because the information can fall in the hands of a person with bad ideas. The person can use the information against you or your loved ones. Therefore, make sure that you have deleted personal data in the iPhone after you have backed it up.

Deactivate apps and sign out from your accounts

If you have an app for finding the iPhone such as “Find My iPhone” application, deactivate it before you sell the iPhone. This is because if you do not deactivate it, the new user might be blocked from using the iPhone. It is also important that you sign out from different accounts in your iPhone 4 such as iMessage and email accounts. This will ensure that the new owner of the iPhone does not continue to receive messages intended for you.

Use a reputable iPhone reseller service

Selling a used iPhone 4 requires research and time if you opt to do it without help. However, using our iPhone reseller service enables you to sell your iPhone 4 fast, with ease and at a higher price. Simply use our iPhone reseller service to save time and get more money from the sale of your iPhone 4.

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