Four Things that you should do when selling iPhone 5

Selling iPhone 5 online is the best option for you if you want to sell it to raise money for buying the latest iPhone model. With Apple advancing its mobile phone technology in every iPhone model that it releases, most people want to sell their old iPhones to buy the latest models. Selling your old iPhone 5 and buying the latest model will enable you to remain in the bandwagon in terms of upgrading to the newest iPhone models. Nevertheless, if you have financial constraints you should always sell your old iPhone before purchasing the latest version. Our experts explain things that you should do when selling a used iPhone 5.

Tell the truth

This is very important. Make sure that the details that you share with prospects regarding the condition of your used iPhone 5 are accurate. Being honest with prospects ensures that the buyer do not complain about the device after buying it. It also establishes a good reputation for you as a seller. Since you might want to sell a used iPhone later in the future, it enables you to develop a good ground from where you can attract more customers in the future. Therefore, tell prospects the truth in terms of your iPhone.

Back up personal data and erase it

It is important that you back up all the data that you have saved in your iPhone 5. This includes your videos, pictures, music and applications among others. You can use iTune or iCloud to back up your data. You can also back up your data in your personal computer. Once you are done in backing up your data, erase it. Wiping out the data from your iPhone 5 ensures that personal files and contacts as well as apps are not accessible to the new owner of the device.

Unlock your iPhone 5

You should unlock iPhone 5 before you offer it for sale. Unlocking your iPhone will increase its resale value. Several tools are available for unlocking an iPhone 5. However, you can contact your mobile carrier and ask them to unlock the device for you. Some carriers have a complex method of unlocking the device. Nevertheless, contact your mobile service provider for help in unlocking your iPhone 5.

Package the device properly

How you package your iPhone 5 when selling it will influence the perception that prospects will form of your device. For instance, some prospects will buy a device very fast if it comes with a charger and a syncing cable. Others are attracted by the original, clean box that the device came with when new. As such, make sure that you package your device with most items that will attract prospects. Also take time to clean the screen of your iPhone 5 before you package it or take photos that you will include in the product description.

Basically, these are the four most important things that you should do when selling iPhone 5. When done properly, they make selling an iPhone an easy and fast process.

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